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Mad Dog Myka and the Mercymongers

“… And it was then, amidst the raging conflict that would come to be known as the 2nd Battle of Joergansberg, that ‘Chellia felt the Goddess stir in her mind. As the Rodrigans died in their droves, crying out to their gods for mercy, for aid, for anything other than the pain and the fading of the light, ‘Chellia surrendered to the goddess.

After centuries of waiting, plotting and planning the Lady Whitehawk finally Ascended. Shallya was Reborn! But the goddess of Healing and Mercy had come so close to oblivion in the World That Was that She returned in a vengeful aspect, ready this time to fight. 

Her voice silenced the din of battle. The radiant light of Her Divinity healed the injured, with a casual gesture She revived the dead. And then She turned Her powers onto the Slaves to Darkness. She compelled in them compassion, enforced empathy and eradicated excuses. 

Most of the Chaos warriors died, overwhelmed by memories of a lifetime filled with sickening acts, dying of broken hearts, their grief and consciences killing them. Those that didn’t die, mostly the young and those who had admired Myka and tried to be more honourable, were driven to their knees by the Lady’s Compulsion. Cleansed of the tainted mindset of the Chaotic, these survivors were to become the first Mercymongers. Amidst the kneeling converts to the Lady Whitehawk, there was one who stood unbowed, the woman they would call Mad Dog Myka.”

Excerpt from “Joergansberg: The Inception of Rodrigos’ Infamous Mercenary Companies.” written by Scrivener Dearik Von Hubleschafer.

An early attempt to find a Mad Dog Myka model
Mad Dog Myka in her final form

“Kidnapped during the 1st Battle of Joergansberg, Myka had been taken at the orders of the Khornate Lord Garrev Gouge-Eye believing her to be his key to daemonhood. He’d had visions and dreamt repeatedly of this girl before hunting throughout the Realms for her, convinced that Khorne wanted her and would reward him for delivering her to him.

But once he had her, the Blood God did not collect. Gouge-Eye consulted witches and seers but all they could tell him was that he must wait. An answer that displeased him greatly and led to several dying quite brutally at his hands.

However, despite his rage he remained afraid to harm Myka herself lest he anger Khorne, so Gouge-Eye kept the girl Myka safe as she grew to womanhood. A sacrificial lamb, awaiting a knife that might at any moment appear. In time his warhost, badly crippled by losses at the Battle of Joergansberg, spread stories, she was a twin, they had snatched the wrong girl, losing the greater part of the warhost  and Khorne’s favour. 

By now Myka’s steadfast defiance of Gouge-Eye, her refusal to fight when the warhost faced the armies of Order and her battle prowess when she did deign to fight had won her a grudging sort of admiration. Those who kept watch on her day and night were only too glad to switch duties as the hostage became a symbol of Gouge-Eye’s failure, and she became surrounded by a coterie of men and women who held a small amount of respect for her.

After ten years of keeping her close and seeking a way to exchange Myka for daemonhood, Gouge-Eye gave up. His string of defeats had cemented his reputation as having lost Khorne’s favour and his warhost dwindled. When his domains were trespassed upon he had so few to spare in defence of his territory that he allowed Myka and those who admired the tough young woman to accompany the warband he sent, without him.

They were routed, and in their flight took a Realmgate away to hide, and in doing so they had inadvertently restored Myka to the lands of her birth. Unknowingly, she trod the earth of the Rodrigan pocket Realm again. In little more than a day, she bore witness to the Second Battle of Joergansberg, was freed from her captivity, elevated to leader of those who had been her captors and saw the Ascension of the Lady Whitehawk.

She was a Sigmarite by birth and upbringing, but those beliefs had become loosely held over the course of her imprisonment and easily fell away in the presence of the Lady Whitehawk. She took up a new religion that day, swearing to deliver the Lady’s Mercy to those who cleaved to the Ruinous Powers. Mad Dog Myka and the Mercymongers were the Lady Whitehawk’s first and most savage warriors and they were keen to get to work.”

Extract from “The Lost Twin of Joergansberg.” Reproduced here with the kind permission of Hagryn Publishing.

The Mercymongers, Slaves to Darkness warriors with head swaps and a lot of their Chaos iconography removed (badly as I wanted them to look like converted Chaos warriors) Painted up with blue cloaks indicating their current allegiance to Rodrigos, and red and white showing themselves as worshippers of the Lady Whitehawk.


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