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The Last Mission of the Gyrobomber ‘Iron Dawn’

Lightning crackled, narrowly missing the Rodrigan gyrobomber the ‘Iron Dawn’. Thunder boomed out but Aladnek Hawkkin barely heard it above the din of the barrage splitting the sky around him. His eyes flicked over his instrument panel, the crack and flare of cursed Tzeentchian mage-fire lighting up the air around his vessel, slowly closing in on his position. They had seen him in the flash of lightning, “Thanks a bunch Sigmar!” The engines throbbed and screamed with the strain as he sent the Iron Dawn into evasive manoeuvres. The mortality rate amongst the gyrobomber crews was high, and after 2 years of soaring through the air he had a feeling his time was up.
It was then he saw it, through the gloom of the storm and sheets of rain, his target coalescing out of the dark ahead of him. He was only going to get this pass, so he reached out and flicked the switch allowing his ‘cargo’ to be dropped in one go.
With a quick prayer to the Lady Whitehawk, asking for her blessing and mercy for a clean deployment, Aladnek Hawkkin thumbed the switch to release the Iron Dawn’s payload onto the Tzeentch command.

There was a distinct mechanical groan and lurch and then nothing! That earlier hit she had taken must have damaged the Iron Dawn’s bomb rack. Aladnek had one option left. He sent the Iron Dawn swooping around in a tight circle and set her on course to deliver her payload in the only way she now could. “Merciful Lady, guard me now!” He ground out through gritted teeth and hit his prototype eject seat, setting off the small black powder charges to blast the gyrobomber rotators free and clear of his path. The larger, shaped charge that threw him on a sharper trajectory pressed him back into his seat. As he spun through the air he watched teary-eyed the Iron Dawn reached her target and in a spectacular explosion wiped out the Tzeentch general and his guards.

All Aladnek could hope for now, as the parachute deployed from his seat, was that the Rodrigan army kept the remaining Tzeentch forces too busy to seek him out for revenge.


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